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Which are the best sarees for weddings?

The heritage of India can be witnessed in varying varieties of handloom and cultural sarees originating from different regions of India. While the world of fashion evolved dramatically over the years, wedding fashion is still very culturally rooted. And why not? Nothing has the richness and exquisiteness that Indian sarees possess. 

Building a wedding trousseau can be a bit challenging. There are so many varieties of wedding sarees to choose from. If you are aiming for a traditional cultural look for your wedding, nothing beats silk sarees. Silk sarees emerging from different regions of India are the best investment for wedding styles. Here are 7 different silk wedding sarees you can invest in for your trousseau. 


1. Kanjivaram Silk Saree

The vibrant and elegant Kanjivaram silk sarees are the most royal silk sarees. These sarees emerge from the Kanchipuram district of South India. Woven with the finest mulberry silk and zari; it is one of the staple wedding sarees of India. Pure Kanchipuram sarees are quite expensive. However, if you have the budget and desire to splurge, these sarees won’t disappoint you. 

Style your pure silk bridal Kanjivaram saree in your wedding with minimal makeup and a sleek hairdo to look like a queen stepping up the game of elegance. 

2. Banarasi silk saree

Bridal Banarasi sarees are a literary work of art. Woven on pure silk, the saree features intricate zari work with pure gold and silver threads. The saree is a cultural pride of India and is equally loved by women all over India. Pure Banarasi silk sarees are expensive and can be as pricey as amounting to lakhs of rupees. 

Not everyone has the desire to splurge this large budget for investing in pure silk sarees. The invention of machinery and large-scale production has made it possible to manufacture and sell wedding sarees wholesale. These are as attractive and beautiful as a wedding outfit for your D-Day. 

3. Tussar silk saree

The dull gold sheen of Tussar sarees makes them perfect for Indian weddings. It has a stiff drape and is textured fabric adding depth to your wedding outfit. It’s vibrant and affordable. If you have a budget to stick to, the Tussar silk saree won’t disappoint you. 

4. Paithani Silk Saree

Paithani silk saree is a Mharastrian bride staple. It is a beautiful artwork of silk and gold zari details found in a few basic colors. The sarees are naturally dyed adding more to the cultural traditions of artwork. A pallu is the highlight factor of the Paithani saree. It’s a perfect ensemble for your wedding day where you can look elegant and put together without making much of an effort. 

5. Patola silk saree

The vibrant saree of patola exudes happy vibes with its exquisite double ikat weaving. It takes up to 6 months to weave a pure patola saree and trust us, the saree is as beautiful as the hype surrounding it. You cannot go wrong with a patola saree for your wedding. However, if it seems cliche, you can still opt for patola for wedding festivities like reception, Grah Satak, and puja. 

6. Mysore Silk saree

Mysore silk saree is amongst the purest silk sarees you would find. It’s a worthy investment indeed given its top-notch quality and highest-quality silk. Mysore silk saree is a south-Indian bride essential. Its popularity has emerged in this minimalist world and its gaining popularity amongst brides all over India. 

Mysore silk saree is a representation of elegance. Style it with Kamar bandh and gold intricate jewelry and you will make one of the finest brides. 

7. Chanderi silk saree

Brides looking for shimmery light-weight flowy sarees should check out chanderi silk sarees. Classic chanderi silk saree features pastel colors with a shimmery gold undertone. However, bold chanderi sarees are becoming prominent these days and it’s a delight when worn by brides. 

Chanderi silk sarees are perfect for wedding festivities and when styled with elegant royal jewelry, it makes a stellar complete look. 

8. Pochampally silk saree

Pochampally is a kind of patola saree featuring a double ikat weave. These are vibrant sarees perfect for weddings and festivities. The weaves of pochampally are tedious to make and take up to months to finish one saree. The saree features vibrant geometric patterns and is extremely lightweight and breathable. They can be styled with minimal jewelry to create a classy minimalist bride. 


These silk sarees will surely put you on the pedestal of being ever-so-gracious. You cannot go wrong with sarees for your wedding day, especially if it’s a pure silk saree. However, before starting with wedding shopping, know these regional weaves in detail. Identify your personal style and pick a silk saree most suited to your taste. If you are buying a pure silk saree, always look for authentication. In the case of machine-woven sarees, go with sarees that justify your individual style.