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Top 10 Sarees Colour for a Women

Dressing for your skin tone will simply alleviate your style quotient by high multitudes. Picking the perfect color for your skin type isn’t a difficult task, especially once you know what undertone category you fall into. But do you know few colors will suit all Indian skin tones regardless of them being fair, brown, dark, or wheatish? This blog will highlight trendy saree colors of 2023 and it’s almost an urge to go and shop for beautiful plain sarees to create a capsule traditional wardrobe.

1. Lime Green

The refreshing lime color will surely make a statement at weddings and festivities. For young millennial women of style, you need to experiment with a lime green saree. Lime green falls on the radar of green and yellow with an inclined statement pop. Lime will look great on everyone, however, people with warm undertones would completely make a phenomenal style statement with a Lime green saree. 

2. Magenta

The pink purplish-red magenta is a vivid bright color. The undertones of magenta keep on changing with more prominent undertones of either base color. Magenta is the perfect festive as well as a wedding color. If you are looking for traditional styles that bring out your radiant, bright skin- Magenta won’t disappoint you. People with dark or wheatish undertones can ace magenta sarees more than anyone else.

3. Ivory

The elegance of ivory and white undertones is unparalleled. Ivory is a balance of beige, white, and gold in different proximities. Without a donut, ivory makes great picks for festive and traditional wear. Ivory sarees with modern minimalist neat embroidery would elevate your style statement and get you noticed. Ivory as a color can be carried by all Indian skin tones with utmost grace. 

4. Navy Blue

The dark blue navy or cobalt is perfect for Indian skin tones. Whether you are fair, wheatish, brown, or dark- navy blue would be your enhancing color regardless. Navy blue plain sarees in crepe, chiffon, or georgette with minimal embroidery would make a great statement pick for parties and cocktail nights. 

5. Teal Green

The deep blue-green shade is a universally flattering color. As the trend of sarees increases amongst youth, teal green sure will make a prominent place in hot 2023 color choices. Teal green in flowy fabrics makes a brilliant ensemble. If you are looking for party sarees, selectively look for teal green plain sarees with neat embroideries. It will definitely bring out your best feminine flair. 

6. Olive

Olive is yet another flattering color that suits people with warm and cool undertones. Olive green with different variations makes a stupendous choice of color for sarees. Incorporating olive colors in your traditional Indian styles might not seem exciting, but you sure need to give it a try. Especially, when it’s guaranteed to make you shine bright.

7. Gray

Now, don’t be skeptical. Grey remained in an underappreciated light for years but no more. This beautiful color needs to make its way into your traditional styles. Gray with dark undertones is perfect for your modern bold elegant sarees. Again, gray is a color meant to suit all Indian skin tones. So don't be apprehensive. Simply take a plunge.

8. Red-Pink

Neither red nor pink, the red-pink color lies between the two. They say, there is a red for every woman out there. We say, there exists a red-pink undertone for every woman. Red-pink allows you to breathe new fashion into your traditional clothes by ditching the cliche of bright red. Go for shaded, mixed undertones or printed red and pink saree with a bit of embroidery or borders. This color shade is suited for all skin tones making it a versatile addition to your festive styles. 

9. Wine

Wine is well-suited for warm and cool undertones. This bold color is a perfect way to play with sensuality and modesty simultaneously. Chiffon, crepe, and soft satin are the fabrics of 2023. Plain sarees in these fabrics in wine color would make a perfect choice for evening functions. Wine sarees are effortless to style. They add brightness to your skin and establish your prominent presence.

10. Lavender

Light purple undertones are well-suited for upcoming summers. Lavender was the color of 2022. But I guess we still have a lot to make of it and hence the trend continues. Lavender is more suited for fair skin tones. However, purple is as vibrant a choice and is more suited for people with a wheatish and dark complexion. It brings out the brightness on your face and doesn’t wash you out. 


Fashion is ever-evolving. But colors are effervescent. Investing in traditional styles that suit your color will help you build a timeless wardrobe. At Sadika, we have an extensive collection of plain sarees wholesale in trendy colors for 2023. These sarees are perfectly festive, modern, and elegant, just as young millennials would love.

Start stacking your wardrobe with plain sarees and get yourself style ready with trendy sarees.