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Powerful prints and patterns shall always remain in fashion. Prints perfectly suit the modern trend of easy-breezy effortless fashion. It’s the details that make any fashion staple an extraordinary one. The details of prints in printed sarees make them versatile of all. 

Printed sarees can be crafted from any fabric. Printed sarees can be found in georgette, cotton, silk, crepe, chiffon and many other fabrics. These sarees make excellent style statements depending on the flair and bounce of the fabric. 

Printed sarees could be hand-printed or digitally printed. Digital print sarees are easily available given their large-scale manufacturing. Whether the occasion of the saree is casual or party, wedding or festive; printed sarees make for a brilliant choice regardless. 

Prints are timeless. Printed sarees are an investment that shall remain in trend for decades. Invest in statement prints, vibrant colours and elegant saree bases while picking printed sarees wholesale. Printed sarees are quite versatile in pricing as they range vastly from being cost-effective to being moderately pricey. 

Printed Cotton Sarees Wholesale Price

Cotton sarees are the most preferred sarees by Indian women. They are lightweight, elegant and have the most comforting ease. The hot and humid weather of India keeps the demand for cotton sarees always high. And why not, nothing looks as elegant as a woman in a cotton saree. 

Modern and youthful fashion is all about statement prints and patterns. Printed cotton sarees are perfect for people who love lightweight breezy fabrics and statement minimalist styles. Moreover, printed cotton sarees add edge to regular solid colours and make sarees a fun style.

Printed cotton sarees could be made of pure cotton or semi-pure cotton fabrics. Varying prints are available in the market for cotton-printed sarees. The prints could be hand-printed or digitally imprinted depending on what you choose. 

Printed cotton sarees are budget-friendly. Be it festive wear, casual wear or for parties; you can find exquisite cotton-printed sarees without splurging a lot. Explore our collections and find an extensive collection of printed cotton sarees at wholesale prices

Printed Silk Sarees Wholesale

Silk sarees have remained Indian women's favourite for ages. The luxury of silk is unparalleled. Be it cultural sarees like Kanjeevaram and Banarasi or something as simple as printed silk sarees; the demand for silk sarees is always up and soaring. 

Printed silk sarees are made of pure silk fabrics. However, you can also find printed silk sarees made of blended fabrics like silk cotton, Silk satin, silk crepe and much more. The luscious and gorgeous fall of silk sarees makes them perfect for modern fashion. 

Printed silk sarees are digitally printed in prints and patterns of varying different styles. Youthful and modern women who love flaunting sarees as a way of expression for their personality love printed silk sarees. 

Printed Silk sarees have their popularity because of their soft texture, non-bulging fabric and fluid-like fall. It drapes wonderfully enhancing the body structure with its elite appeal. Explore the most extensive collection of printed silk sarees wholesale with us. 

Digital printed sarees wholesale in Surat

The trend for digital prints started decades back and its popularity seems to be soaring ever since. Digital printed sarees are printed digitally with an exquisite finish and precise detailing. Varying different types of sarees can be imprinted with prints and patterns beautifully using digital prints. 

Digital print sarees are available in crepe, cotton, silk, georgette, chiffon and varying blended and pure fabrics. From manufacturers to wholesalers, designers and fashion studios; everyone has been leveraging the trend of digital prints by launching their distinct printed saree collection. 

Printed sarees boast myriad different prints for the varying different fashion tastes of people. Subtle, boisterous, abstract, floral, graphical, artsy, vintage, bohemian and minimalist are among the different print patterns you can find. Explore the collection of digitally printed sarees wholesale in Surat with us. 


1. Which types of sarees are trending now? 

  • Lightweight and flowy printed sarees are in trend these days. Bright colours and pastel-shade sarees in chiffon, silk and cotton are trending in digital prints. 

2. Which type of sarees is best for modern women? 

  • Printed and lightly embroidered sarees are the best pick for modern women. 

3. What fabrics are good for looking youthful in sarees?

  • Look for lightweight fabrics with luscious fall when choosing a saree. Choose fabrics like chiffon, soft silk, soft organza, georgette and crepe for looking youthful in sarees.