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A saree is a piece of clothing that is six to seven meters long and in those six meters, there are different designs and patterns that makes it unique and attractive. Wedding sarees are one of them.

Weddings are events in which everyone wants to wear something more traditional. That is where sarees come they have beautiful and intricate embroidery work. Many wedding sarees, also have work of zari, lace, pearls, and all sort of pieces that make them look attractive and make you feel even more beautiful after wearing them.

A wedding is a day when all eyes are on only one person and that is the bride. So for that, there are mainly three types of sarees that could be perfect for the bride. Those three are named as follows: Designer bridal sarees, Silk bridal sarees, and Net bridal saree. All of the different types of wedding sarees are available at wholesale rates at the Sadika web store. Without party any wedding is not even close to be a perfect wedding so check out our Party Wear Wholesale Saree to get best quality party wear sarees for you and your love once. 


Wedding Saree Wholesalers in Surat

Surat is world-renowned for its textile market and in that market, there is one section for the wedding saree. The Sadika is one of the leading wedding saree wholesalers in Surat.

At you will have a large pool of options from which you can pick. Apart from the variety all of the sarees we have are of the best quality which makes us different from the other. 

Different varieties and the quality of the product do not make the cost of the product out of reach. Because we are the manufacturer and supplier so the cost of all the products we have are very reasonable.

We have an office in Surat, but we deliver our products all over India and have even done so outside of the country. You will be able to view and order our products on the



Do customers buy wholesale sarees online?

Yes, there are a lot of customers that buy the saree online. In the world of technology, it has become really common to do online shopping even on the large scale.

Which is the best place to buy sarees in the world?

Surat comes at the number one spot for producing sarees so it is the best place for buying sarees. In numbers, Surat produces 25 million meters of fabric daily.

What is the price range for the bridal sarees?

Normally bridal sarees range from 10,000 to 1 lakh. That is the normal price range but few can go up and especially the Vivah Pattu saree which is considered to be the most expensive and goes up to 40 lakhs too.


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