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Designer Sarees: Between Rs. 500 and 1000

Sadika provides you with beautiful and eye-catching sarees in the mentioned range for daily wear at home, office wear, festivals, or even traditional functions. These are easy to maintain and perfect to wear. You can name any occasion, and there is always a saree to go with it. A saree that catches everyone's attention. Sarees with multiple designs and patterns to choose from among hundreds of varieties are what every woman desires, and that too in an affordable price range.

The comfort and grace that our sarees provide are top-notch and will always be a lovely sight to wear and stare at. The quality of our products, their material, and the customer’s experience make you revisit our services to buy and shop sarees of multiple variations from us again. Scroll through the website to catch on to the latest designs in colorful variations to wear and adore them with the utmost softness and comfort of the smooth fabrics used.

Fashion Designer Saree

We make the latest fashionable sarees available at the tip of your fingers to grab everybody’s attention and be the stunning center of any occasion. Any type of saree, from bandhani to floral embroidery, Leheriya, banarasi, chiffon, and many more, is available to choose from and gaze at on our website.

With time, different designers have introduced many different types of sarees, which never go out of style. Apart from women, the present generation also loves to style them up in innovatively amazing options. We assure you the best quality not only with different types but with drape styles like gown looks, lehenga designs, and what not! 

Designer Sarees Available in Different Colors

Sadika sarees bring forth a wide range of colors to get away with. Multiple sarees are available in colors ranging from bright ones like yellow, pink, peach, red, grey, and green to bold and beaming colors like wine, black, golden, and multicolor. We provide you with a family collection of multi-color sarees with vibrant prints on numerous fabrics. This makes you style your fit yet look elegant and amazing as ever.

From grandmothers to mothers, sisters, and young girls, everyone can fulfill their saree desires and even gift their loved ones with traditional saree surprises, too, in the options of chiffon, cotton, digitally printed, and floral sarees. We present you with the benefit of having your favorite design available in multiple color variations so that you can pair it with customizable blouses. This lets you choose exactly what you are looking for to update your wardrobe with must-have clothes!

Heavy Party Wear Designer Saree

We deliver an amazing cluster of party wear sarees under 1500. You can explore the collection of heavy, dazzling sarees that suit any party you attend. It feels like a confusing task to choose among various sarees without trying them at the shop.

Our website makes it easy to look at the fashion catalog and see how a saree will look as an outfit. These party wear sarees not only amaze people with their unique and stunning patterns but also feel smooth and comfortable to carry along. You are in the right place to find such a collection at an affordable price.

Modern Designer Saree

Modern designs and their trends cannot be resisted, especially when it comes to wearing an ethnic outfit that catches the eye of all. Choosing a good saree not only makes you confident but also helps you stand out in public. We provide various designer fits to go with the trend and events because of their charm and gracefulness, stylish drape patterns, and colorful variations.

Be the star of an event with beautiful sarees to shop from that you can wear for long hours with ease. 2023 sarees and the present time are all about organza sarees, color combos, and schemes that must lead your closet. Sarees are the last-minute saviors, as they sophistically suit every occasion. Shop and connect with Sadika saree to be short on pocket expenses and long on the pretty memories that you can look back on when you shop for more in the future with us.

Why Sadika for a Designer Saree?

We bring a fantastic collection of sarees from the 90s to the present generation right to your fingertips. With the best quality of the products and trustworthy relationships with the customers, we tend to provide you with an attentive customer experience. We also care for your data's safety and personalization.

You can wander through the website and easily choose among the designer sarees that would make a breathtaking look to wear at any place. All these benefits fit your budget and keep your trust fulfilled. We have been in the market since 2015, and our policy has always been to keep our customers happy and updated with fashion.


1. Which is the best website to buy Designer Sarees between Rs 500 and Rs 1000?

  • Sadika sarees! It not only provides the sarees in the above-mentioned range but also assures you of the best quality. You can rely on our products to style your outfit for an impressive event.

2. Why do Sadika sarees sell at a really affordable price?

  • We aim to provide our customers with a top-of-the-line experience within their budget, which helps them to wear designer sarees while saving money.

3. Which fabric is used in the Designer Sarees?

  • We present sarees in a wide range of fabrics like chiffon, cotton, georgette, crepe, and silk.

4. How many colors are available in Designer Sarees?

  • There are multiple color variations, like pastel shades of pink, blue, green, yellow, peach, black, and wine.

5. Can I wear Designer Sarees on all occasions?

  • Yes, there are sarees available in different prints and patterns to suit all events and happenings. From floral prints to heavy designs, sarees are available in multiple colors and styles.