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How to wear a Banarasi saree for any occasion?


The elegance and royalty of the Banarasi silk saree are timeless. The classic Banarasi saree woven of pure silk fibers with intricate zari detailing of gold and silver is an impeccable work of art. It takes hundreds of hours for weavers and artisans to manufacture pure Banarasi silk saree. It is still the staple for many brides who choose traditional weaves with cultural inheritance. Styling a graceful Banarasi saree requires elegance and grace. This blog will walk you through different ways to style your Banarasi sarees beautifully.  


1. Styling your Bridal Banarasi Silk Saree

The pure Banarasi silk saree is heavy with the weight of its intricate detailing. This stiff saree when draped properly would give you impeccable elegance. The finesse and flawlessness of pure bridal Banarasi saree need proper styling. 

  • While styling the Banarasi saree for your wedding day, keep the makeup minimal and the lips bold. Bold colors like red and maroon will brighten up your face and keep the look bold yet elegant. 
  • For a hairdo, go with a sleek hairstyle. Adorn a Gajra for a more traditional look. 
  • Get a matching embroidered waistband with your bridal sarees. This will elevate the normal saree look and add definition around the waist. Waistbands besides create a cinched waist helping you get a leaner appeal. 
  • Get a contrasting color Banarasi Dupatta to style with your saree. Use it as headgear or wrap it around your hands or place it on your shoulder to create intriguing appeal. 

When choosing to go with a pure Banarasi silk saree, ensure to keep the style elements minimal and elegant. 


2. Style Traditional Banarasi sarees for festivities

One can never have too many Banarasi silk sarees in their wardrobe. Women still invest in luxury drapes of Banarasi sarees and adorn their wardrobes with sarees of timeless elegance. 

  • Apart from wedding sarees, if you have the luxury of investing in Banarasi sarees go for bright colors. Style your Banarasi sarees while attending weddings as a guest or in festivities and poojas. 
  • Style it as an open pallu saree with a well-fitted blouse. Usually, a V Neck blouse with elbow-length sleeves looks stunning. 
  • Add striking gold chokers to your jewelry and maybe Gold Kada’s to add a statement factor to your hands. 
  • Keep the hairdo simple with some real flowers pinned neatly. 


3. Banarasi print sarees 

The invention of machinery and mass production has made it possible to manufacture a variety of semi-pure and dupe Banarasi sarees wholesale. It’s easy to acquire handloom editions and even printed variants of Banarasi sarees for everyday casuals and parties at not-so-costly rates. 

  • Try the Banarasi Organza saree if you are looking for bright, cheerful, modern, and trendy saree looks. These are lightweight sarees and unlike pure sarees aren’t weighed down by heavy zari embroidery. Even the imprints of the Banarasi saree are royal. For destination weddings and a youthful traditional look, go for Banarasi organza sarees. 
  • Style the organza Banarasi with a sleeveless blouse in a contrasting color. Style with edgy statement jewelry to complete the look. 
  • Soft Banarasi sarees are made from soft fabrics of silk, satin, chiffon, and crepe. They are lightweight with impeccable imprints of Banarasi weave. Create a unique style statement by wearing the saree as usual and then draping it as a scarf around the neck. Slide over a pair of sunglasses, large chunky oxidized earrings, and clean makeup. You sure will be noticed for the elegant style in the saree. 
  • Style your lightweight tissue banarasi saree like a dhoti drape. This will offer bohemian style to your outfit and you sure will grab eyeballs for the stunning style. It will be wrong to not experiment with the versatile ensemble that the saree is. 
  • Styling sarees with a belt is a big-time trend and should be followed without a doubt. It will enhance the neatness of your pallu and pleats while also giving you a youthful slim appeal. Invest in staple belts that can style with multiple sarees. Fasten your belt around the waist and ensure that the belt has a sleek finish. 
  • Banarasi saree can also be styled with jackets. An experimental fashion soul can try this with utmost confidence and look graceful. Get a jacket made by your tailor. Now, you can go with lightweight fabrics or stiff fabrics for jackets depending on the saree material. A jacket will add more definition to your saree and will give a vogue finish to your traditional look. 


There are endless ways to style a Banarasi saree. You can play a safe game and go with traditional styling elements. However, the bold and versatile Banarasi saree offers a free hand opportunity to be playful with your styling game. These were just some creative ways to style your Banarasi sarees. You can go ahead and experiment and add a unique edge to your personal styling. After all, there is no one way to do fashion right.