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Sarees For Different Occasions

Sarees are one of the most popular choices for women. Not only in India but across the world people prefer wearing sarees on their special days. It is one of the outfits that embrace beauty and grace altogether. Sarees never go out of the trend and thus it holds a much greater position in the world of fashion. Sarees create an elegant look for you reflecting your personality as well.

Recently the fashion industry has been booming with new colours and designs to make you look perfect for any occasion. There are various beautiful sarees to be worn on different occasions each holding a unique grace. This is going to be surely a perfect guide about the sarees to be worn on different occasions. 


  1. Wedding 

Weddings are one of the most beautiful and important occasions in everyone’s life. All individuals have a wish to wear the perfect outfit and want to look their best. Sarees could be an excellent choice for this special day. For weddings, people often prefer wearing red wedding sarees, as they are considered to be a good omen.

Bandhej and Kanjivaram are the two most liked types of sarees to be worn at weddings. These sarees hold a special place in every woman’s life due to their eternal grace. Bandhani sarees from Bhuj and Kanjivaram sarees from Kanjipuram are the best options to consider for a wedding


  1. Festive wear sarees

India is a country where numerous festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm. Throughout the year, people wholeheartedly engage in these festivities and fully enjoy the celebrations. It is a common tradition for people to purchase new clothes, adding grace to the occasion.

During festivals like Diwali and Durga Puja, women often choose to wear Mysore silk sarees or Chanderi silk sarees to capture the perfect essence of the festivities. The vibrant textures of these sarees enhance the celebratory atmosphere, making the occasions even more special.


  1. Parties 

In recent times, there has been a growing trend of wearing Party wear sarees. Individuals now opt for designer sarees featuring unique designs, especially for cocktail parties. It is commonly observed that during evening hours, people prefer dark-coloured sarees such as wine, black, and turquoise blue. These sarees are typically made of pure silk or georgette, imparting a beautiful shine to the outfit and enhancing the overall beauty of the occasion.


  1. Family Outings

The wearing of sarees at family get-togethers is becoming popular. A certain theme with specific colours and designs is maintained by people. The appearance of these sarees is elegant and sophisticated. For these kinds of excursions, people typically wear net sarees or chiffon as they are manageable and light.


  1. Offices

Sarees are not limited to just traditional occasions; they have found their way into professional settings as well. Many offices have incorporated sarees as part of the dress code for working women. This not only creates a positive impression of the workplace but also maintains a neat and professional appearance. In certain professions, such as the staff of 5-star hotels and air hostesses on aeroplanes, sarees are worn to convey a sense of respect and dignity to their roles.

The attire adds a touch of sophistication and professionalism to these service-oriented environments. During corporate events, the preference often leans towards navy blue or grey sarees. These colours are considered formal and are well-suited for professional gatherings, contributing to a polished and business-like aesthetic.


  1. College farewell parties

The last chance for students to create memories with their loved ones while attending college, college farewells are the happiest days of the year. Every year, there is usually a theme when all of the students participate fully and wear sarees of various colours. They want to look nice for this day, and sarees can be the ideal choice. 


  1. Puja or religious events

Religious events or Puja are the events where people prefer wearing sarees as they add simplicity and cultural significance to the occasion. Yellow colour saree is most preferable during these events as it is a symbol of grace. Banarasi silk or Kota Doria sarees are worn as they add elegance to the event. They are comfortable to wear and have the delicate zari work on it.


  1. Receptions

Modernised sarees are now in much trend for wedding receptions. These are the classic drape sarees normally worn in golden, silver, navy blue, grey and other dark colours to add glam to the reception night. It has sequence, zardosi and zari work adding exclusivity and grace to the evening dress.