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Saree Accessories: How To Accessorise Your Saree For Different Occasions

The sari is regarded as one of the most ordinary clothes items in the fashion business worldwide. You have control over your appearance and may show both your attractiveness and unique sense of style with the 6-yard-long smooth garment made with lovely material, designs, and decorations.

A sari's pure elegance is found in its combination of ornamentation, how it is draped, and how the pallu is displayed. Changes in design trends have glamorised traditional curtains, accessories, and jewellery to produce one-of-a-kind costumes.

Sarees are a traditional and elegant garment worn by women for different occasions. 

  • Casual occasions
  • Formal occasions
  • Festive occasions
  • Workwear
  • Cocktail parties
  • Outdoor events

Keep it basic, elegant, and comfy, and balance your ensemble with accessories.

Fashion Etiquette When Accessorising a Saree

You can use these instructions to learn how to style a saree for a festival, wedding, goodbye party, or other formal event. The fashion standards you can stick to when covering a saree for a classy and finished look are listed below. Of course, these are just suggestions; with time and practice, you can modify or invent your own rules.

1. No Flats

Wearing a modern designer saree with flat footwear is unfinished and unattractive. The first advice for wearing a saree if you want to look lovely is to avoid wearing flats. High heels are the smartest choice. This rule has some exceptions, but most saree wearers stick to it.

In some regions of India, exposing toes while wearing a saree is viewed as highly rude and gives the outfit a very unprofessional appearance. There are various options available if wearing high heels makes you uncomfortable. 

For instance, many women prefer one-inch heels over flat, open-toed footwear. Flat shoes look like a horrible footwear option, regardless of how expensive or of a superior brand they are.

2. Carry A Clutch

The saree is the most beautiful garment India has ever created. The selection of accessories is important to give this saree the perfect look. 

A clutch is a better choice than a bag since it looks more understated and highlights the saree. It is the appropriate bag for events and gives off a more official appearance. A formal, structured handbag is a good idea if you wear a saree to work, but that is a different situation.

Using a clutch as an accessory will also depend on the occasion. They're a good option when you don't have much to do during an event. For events like festivals or dinner parties, you can choose a bold clutch when you are holding the clutch all night. If you're heading to a dance party, accessorize your saree with a compact clutch, phone bag, or bag with a chain strap so you can dance without having to use your hands.

3. Makeup

Even for those who don't often wear makeup, most saree wearers firmly believe that at least some cosmetics are required when putting on a saree. This is because wearing a saree is frequently a special occasion. So when wearing a saree, avoid having a plain face and make an effort with your appearance. Applying the appropriate cosmetics would help your saree work its magic.

Depending on the situation, this is a crucial piece of fashion etiquette that also applies while wearing other collections. The perfect makeup look can be straightforward or completely changed. 

Consider whether applying makeup is necessary, depending on the specific situation. Choose a makeup style that brings out your best features. If you don't enjoy wearing makeup, opt for a quick touch-up with lip gloss, foundation, compressed powder, and eyeliner.

4. Jewelry

Most people who wear sarees choose at least some jewelry. Some people favor trendy jewelry, while others favor precious metals. A saree looks its finest when it is accessorized with jewelry, and you can use pearl, gold, or silver accessories.

A pearl necklace is a classic item that never goes out of style. It is simple and delicate. Choose one that goes with your blouse. You can wear several different types of jewelry with sarees. You can attempt a particularly delicate and tiny pearl necklace with casual sarees. Or, for a wedding, choose a pearl necklace with several layers or huge pearls.

The sarees made of georgette or chiffon look the finest with this ornament. When creating a classic, feminine aesthetic, pearls are ideal. You might also consider a pearl necklace with white stone embellishments for your upcoming wedding occasion. 

5. Hair

Buns are the most popular hairstyles to consider when it comes to accessorizing with your saree. A heavy or loose hairdo is not a required appearance. You can style your hair in various ways, including half-up, straightened hair let down, and loose curls. For a distinctive hairstyle, you can also add hair accessories.

Since a bun is a hairstyle that makes the earrings visible, it is typically worn with drop earrings. To show off your designer saree, wear statement earrings like hoops, drop and dangle earrings, chandelier earrings, or jhumkas.

6. Piece Of One Jewelry

When adorning a saree, little is always more. You don't want to draw attention away from the saree by wearing too much jewelry; therefore, limit your jewelry use. The best action is to spend your money on a pair of statement earrings, a neckpiece, or bracelets that you can wear with several sarees. A maang teeka is one option for a striking headpiece or hair item.

7. Bindi

Married women have historically been required to wear a bindi when wearing a saree or other traditional clothing. Similarly, unmarried ladies traditionally don't wear a bindi with a saree. Today, though, eliminating the bindi, even when wearing sarees, is more of a personal choice than a matter of protocol for married women. However, red or ornate bindis are typically worn only by married women.

Final Words

Wearing a saree is not difficult as long as you accessorize it properly. The appropriate accessories are essential to every outfit if you want to appear good. Although wearing and doing makeup perfectly is overrated, there is some pleasure in sticking to fashion etiquette rules like the ones listed above.