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Top 10 Best Wholesale Sarees to Buy in India

Saree! It is not the only piece of cotton but a tradition that never goes out of style. From ancient times to till date, Indian Saree is always a part of the Indian women's community. Whether it is any festival, special function or occasion, Indian Sarees are always there to match the vibe of any function.

Indian sarees come in a variety of ranges. Whether the range is for style, price, or demand, all the types of sarees are there to take care of all the audience segments. Indian women are always price-conscious when it comes to shopping. They have the ability to bargain from the beginning. As a result, they always try to buy the best thing at the best price, and the same is true when purchasing sarees, but this will not happen anymore. 

From now onwards, Indian women no longer have to go through the process of shopping for sarees, selecting the best saree, bargaining, and so on. Because in this blog, we have mentioned how they can buy the best sarees at the best price. Yes, today in this blog we will see the best wholesale sarees  to buy in India.

1. Banarasi wholesale sarees

When it comes to sarees, Banarasi sarees are always among them. It is one of the most popular and sought-after sarees among Indian women.

In ancient times, Banarasi sarees were considered a symbol of royalty, and mostly royal women could wear them. But now, all the women can wear banarasi sarees during special occasions and make them memorable.

Generally, Banarasi sarees come in a range between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 3–4 lakh. But you can buy this saree cheaper as well. Yes, you heard it right. You can purchase a Banarasi saree at a lower price if you purchase it where Banarasi sarees wholesale are available. There, you can get Banarasi sarees at a much lower price.

2. Bandhani wholesale sarees

The Bandhani sarees are manufactured differently, which gives them a different texture and a unique decorative look. The bandhani saree is originally from Gujarat, but it is also popular in Rajasthan.

The fabrics used in bandhani sarees are very light and comfortable, which makes them an everyday choice to wear.

The price of a Bandhani saree varies according to the amount of craft work done on it. But if you want it cheaper, you can consider the place where Bandhani sarees wholesale are available.

3. Wedding wholesale sarees

With the wedding season, one confusion comes to women’s minds: what to wear during the wedding occasion? Also, the bride's family must shop for sarees for the occasion, and they prefer to shop where wedding sarees wholesale are available.

There are many sarees that you can wear on wedding occasions. Banarasi sarees, Kanjivaram sarees, chiffon sarees, and many more are examples. These sarees make any wedding occasion more bright and colourful.

4. Daily Wear Wholesale Sarees

If you are a woman who prefers to wear a saree on a daily basis, you will want sarees that are light in weight and comfortable. For that, either you go for a silk saree, a bandhani saree, or an embroidery saree, which looks stylish as well as comfortable.

For daily use, you will purchase multiple sarees at a time. You can therefore opt for a daily wear saree wholesale , which will save you a lot of money.

5. Plain wholesale sarees

In recent years, a new trend in the fashion industry has emerged: keep it simple.That applies to sarees, too. Keeping it simple makes the overall look more stylish and bold.

The main benefit of these plain sarees is that they are light and super comfortable compared to other sarees. As a result, you can wear it every day.For special occasions also, it will be your first choice, as you can wear it to birthday parties, weddings, or any other special occasion.

You can find this type of plain saree in your price range at a plain sarees wholesale

6. Party Wear Wholesale Sarees

The wedding and party seasons have arrived, and with them, the shopping season. All the women can relate to this question: what to wear for this occasion? But not to worry. 

For the party event, there are many sarees that you can wear to match your look to the party standards. You can choose from embroidered sarees, cotton sarees, pattern-printed sarees, and many more.

You can buy these sarees at a cheap rate from the place where party wear Sarees wholesale are available.

7. Silk wholesale sarees

Silk sarees are most commonly part of celebrations, weddings, events, birthdays, engagements, and many more. It can enhance the look of any woman on any occasion.

The most popular examples of silk sarees wholesale are Banarasi, Bhagalpuri, Mysore, Kanjivaram, and many more. You can wear these exceptional and lovely silk sarees to weddings and sangeets as well.

8. Printed Wholesale Sarees

It's no wonder how many trends and fashions come and go, but powerful patterns and prints are always in style. The factor that makes a printed saree versatile is the detail of the prints.

A printed saree can be crafted on any fabric. A printed saree can be found in cotton, silk, chiffon, and many other fabrics. Printed sarees come in two varieties: hand-printed and digitally printed.

You can wear a printed saree on any occasion. Printed sarees wholesale are and will always be in demand; they never go out of fashion.

9. Embroidery Wholesale Sarees

In an earlier time, only thread work was done on embroidery, but with technology and advancements, zari, kundan, pearls, and colourful threads are also used to make embroidery sarees.

Embroidery sarees are exquisitely designed to appeal to the tastes of today's woman. No doubt, during wedding season, lehengas look great, but embroidery sarees make you look more elegant. 

In India, embroidery sarees range in price from Rs. 800 to lakhs, depending on the amount of work done on them. If you want to purchase embroidery sarees at a cheap rate, you can visit the place where embroidery sarees wholesale are available.

10. Georgette Wholesale Sarees

Georgette sarees are perfect for women who love to keep their style minimalist, elegant, and modern as well. The beautiful georgette is well-known for its dull and sheer translucency. Georgettes hold the dye nicely, keeping them in style at all times.

Georgette sarees wholesale are available in a wide range of colours and prints, making them ideal for those with diverse fashion tastes. Because of their exceptional adaptability, georgette sarees are ideal for both casual and formal use.

If you are looking for the best place to buy wholesale sarees in India, then you can always choose Sadika where you can buy all the varieties of sarees at an affordable price. Sadika is the best place to buy wholesale sarees online.