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Mastering the Art of Matching Jewellery with Sarees: A Comprehensive Guide

Though sarees may be beautiful, they become even more stunning if worn with the right accessories. Jewellery makes a saree look attractive and gives the dress a refined and complete appearance. However, picking out the perfect piece of jewellery that goes well with your saree can be quite a daunting task. But worry not! This ultimate guide covers everything about pairing jewelry with sarees; it provides tips, inspiration and direction on how to look stunningly put together.

Let’s cover the Basics first!

But before we get carried away by fanciness, let us first grasp some basic rules for matching jewelry with sarees. Each saree has unique attributes, such as fabric, color, pattern, and design – all these factors need to be considered while choosing which jewelry should complement it best.


Observe the decorations such as needlework, sequences saree, beads and other design features on the saree. Pick out jewelry that corresponds with those elements to enhance its look altogether.


In addition to this, when selecting jewelry think about the color of your saree. Opt for pieces that draw attention to or contrasts with the main hue of your saree. Where combinations are harmonic it leads to balance and sophistication while contrasting them makes an outfit lively and eye-catching.

Draping Designs

Another thing which should be considered is how one’s clothes are wrapped around him/herself or what type of wrap is used; different ways require different kinds or styles of wearing accessories like jewels etc. Also some drapes may need multiple placements of items like rings so as to create symmetry thus creating equilibrium in overall appearance whereas others may only call for few placements.


The material used in making a saree determines its overall look. For instance, if you wear a silk saree then it will give an impression of being elegant and traditional but when someone dresses up in chiffon fabric they appear graceful with flowing movements. With regard to this therefore one needs to choose jewels which can complement well with texture as well as sheen exhibited by various fabrics thereby resulting in beautiful combinations.

Guide for Draping Designs and Matching Jewellery

Classic Drape

The classic drape allows for a flexible arrangement of jewels. It involves hanging the pallu over the left shoulder. Accessories such as waist belts, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces are optional.

Gujarati Style

(source - kalki fashion)

The pallu is pleated in the back in the Gujarati saree drape, and it is then draped over the right shoulder. Large earrings and a chunky necklace go well with it.

Trendy Drapes

Modern saree draping designs, such as the butterfly or mermaid drapes, provide a creative arrangement of accessories. Large earrings and a chunky necklace go well with it. Try hiding items like ankle bands or arm restraints in odd places.

Tips for matching Jewellery and Sarees

Now that we have covered the fundamentals, let's look at some advice on how to match jewelry to sarees:

Occasion and Theme

Consider the occasion and theme while selecting jewelry. For formal events like weddings or festivals, wear magnificent accessories like maang tikas, elaborate earrings, or choker necklaces to emanate grandeur and splendor. Use lighter and more delicate pieces to create a classy yet easygoing look for casual or afternoon events.

Balance is Key

To create a well-balanced ensemble, consider the proportions of the saree and accessories. If the saree is heavily embroidered or embellished with intricate motifs, go for fewer or simpler jewellery to prevent visual overload. On the other hand, if the saree is simple, you may experiment with bold and ornate jewellery to add flair and drama. 

Consider the Neckline

Keep your clothing's neckline in mind while choosing necklaces or earrings. Put on statement earrings or maang tikas whenever you can to draw attention to your face when wearing high necklines. Wearing choker styles or layering necklaces will bring attention to your neck and collarbones if your neckline is deep.

Equivalent Metals

Coordinate your jewelry's metal with the saree's borders or embellishments for a stunning look. To keep the traditional look, wear jewelry with a gold-tone and sarees that have gold embroidery or zari work. Silver jewelry complements metallic or silver-accented sarees well.

Play with Contrasts

Don't be afraid to experiment with contrasting combinations to enhance visual appeal. A contemporary or tribal-inspired piece of jewelry might inject some new life into a classic silk saree. However, ensure that the contrast enhances rather than detracts from the overall design.

Keep in mind the way your saree is draped

This will significantly influence the type of jewelry you choose to display. With a free pallu, a long necklace with a pendant would look fantastic. On the other hand, a short necklace set with a pleated pallu looks best. 

Keep in mind the skin tone

Skin tone has a major role in how a piece of jewelry pops and shines. Warmer skin tones generally make golden-hued jewelry look more appealing. This skin tone looks good with gold accessories. Conversely, jewelry in shades of silver and diamond is perfect for people with paler complexion tones.

Choose an item that complements the border of your saree

When choosing the right jewelry to add to your outfit, the border of your saree may be a great help. Wearing jewelry in the same hues as the borders of your saree is nothing to be scared of.

Take Your Hair and Makeup into Consideration

Take your hair and makeup into account while selecting jewelry. Delicate necklaces or earrings complement softer hairstyles, while substantial earrings or other hair accessories look great with updos or buns. Make sure the jewelry you wear highlights your image rather than detracts from it.

Personal Style

Lastly, but just as importantly, trust your instincts and embrace your style while choosing jewelry. Whether you prefer traditional pieces or vibrant styles, pick jewelry that expresses your individuality and sense of taste. The most valuable piece of jewelry you can own is confidence.

Wrapping It Up

The ability to match jewelry to sarees requires careful consideration of several elements, such as occasion, color, pattern, and fabric. By considering these guidelines, you can effortlessly create stunning and well-coordinated ensembles that highlight the beauty of your saree and display your style and individuality. So, the next time you drape a saree, remember that the perfect jewelry is the last touch that elevates an ordinary look to something magnificent.

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