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Types of Saree Fabrics: A comprehensive Guide

Sarees being the significant attire for women embraces tradition and culture. This beautiful piece of clothing originates from Southern Asia and is considered to be one of the favorite outfits for women. Sarees are known for their exquisite designs, intricate patterns and their versatile nature. Sarees are considered to be the epitome of beauty and a symbol of grace.

It is necessary to select the best fabric for you that gives comfort and ease to wear. Light and breathable fabrics are always the priority before choosing the saree. The overall appearance also depends upon the fabric of the saree. Different textures have different textures giving it new looks together. Fabric of the saree and type of the saree worn also reflects the Individuality and personality of the person. Thus, choice of the saree fabric is important because it affects the comfort of the wearer, as well as the cultural and emotional aspects of the person attached to it. Choose the best fabric for sarees for you that will give you a phenomenal look wherever you go. 

Let us understand the Types of Saree fabrics:- 

1. Silk fabric sarees-

Silk saree fabrics include three different types of sarees. And you can Buy all  Silk Sarees Wholesale from sadika. 

  • Kanjivaram silk- This saree fabric originated from South India and is known for its heavy silk fabric, zari work and different colors. It has contrasting borders and reflects south indian culture. 
  • Banarasi silk- This saree fabric originates from Varanasi and is known for fine textures and rich brocade work. The fabric depicts the mughal art which makes it unique. 
  • Tussar silk- One of the most used fabrics, tussar silk is characterized by its natural colors and rust surface. 

2. Chiffon fabric sarees:-

Chiffon fabrics are usually light in weight and transparent in nature giving it a subtle look and embracing simplicity. 

3. Satin Fabric Sarees:-

These fabric sarees are soft to wear and give a shining look to create a magnificent look. People usually  prefer satin fabric sarees for evening parties and events which will add glamor to your occasion. 

4. Cotton fabric sarees:-

Cotton fabrics are best to be worn for regular day wear. These are light in weight and are quite breathable giving it a simple look. Designs such as ikat, batik are available in cotton sarees which makes it comfortable to wear. 

5. Crepe sarees:-

Crepe fabrics give a wrinkled appearance to your saree and have a fine texture. Crepe sarees always give an elegant look with its great fall. 

6. Georgette sarees:-

This fabric gives  a heavier look than chiffon saree has. The fabric is light and soft to wear and vivid designs can also be embroidered on it. Buy  Georgette Sarees Wholesale from sadika with best quality product. 

7. Linen sarees:-

Linen sarees are curated from natural flax fibers. This is quite durable in nature. Linen fabrics often add natural aesthetics to the saree and also have unique print motifs on them. 

8. Velvet sarees:-

Velvet fabric saree are known for its richness and velvety surface. It gives a shimmering appeal and is quite thick in nature, appropriate to wear in the winter season. 

9. Organza sarees:-

Organza is made from silk and has a transparent look with a silk blend on it. They are light in weight which gives them an ethereal look. It has a smooth surface that adds beauty and elegance to your saree. 

These are various types of saree fabrics that hold refinement and tradition making it an ideal clothing for you to wear. 

Silk vs Cotton Sarees:- 

Silk and cotton sarees are two opposites in traditional Indian attire. Each fabric has its own unique features and characteristics. Silk sarees are curated from silk blends such as banarasi and kanjivaram. The fabric of silk saree smooth ensures a graceful fit. Silk sarees are meant to give an appealing look as it has zari work and vibrant colors infused on it. Silk sarees are meant to wear on special occasions as it is known for reflecting opulence and luxury. The richness of the silk fabrics makes it quite heavier and perfect for weddings and other functions. 

On the other hand, cotton sarees are known more for their comfort and versatile nature. Cotton fabrics are crafted from natural fibers making it easy and comfortable to wear on a daily basis. Cotton fabrics have a variety of prints from simple to intricate designs. Cotton sarees are a perfect choice to be worn in these warm climates. The fabric is good and breathable making it an easy fit. People tend to wear cotton fabric sarees for offices and casual events. 

Silk sarees are well suited and best to be worn for formal occasions, weddings and parties while cotton sarees are best to be worn for daily wear that gives comfort and grace. you can purchase silk saree under 1000.

Which fabric is best for sarees?  

There are certain factors to be considered when it comes to selecting the best fabric for sarees. 

The three most important factors while choosing the fabric are the climate , the occasion to be worn and the personal choice of the person. Nevertheless, when comparison is made Silk fabric tops the list as silk fabric is one of the fabrics that reflects richness and high-quality. The evergreen nature of silk sarees lets it stand out from other fabrics. Be it banarasi , tussar or kanjivaram the distinctiveness that it holds is not seen in any other fabric. 

Silk fabric has that natural shine in it which makes it look attractive. They are versatile in nature and can be worn in weddings, festivals and other formal events as well. To illustrate the game of fashion, zari work on silk sarees makes it a best choice to be worn in weddings. Lightweight silk sarees are known to be worn in summers while the heavier silk is ideal to be worn in chilly winters. Silk fabric is the most-liked and cherished by people due to its exceptional individuality. Thus, silk fabric is recognized as the best fabric for sarees to add charm and dignity to yourself. You can buy types of sarees material from sadika with Wholesale Sarees Online Cash on Delivery

In conclusion, this meticulously designed guide will surely work for you to let you shop the highest-grade fabric for your saree.