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Best place to buy sarees in Surat

Apart from Diamond City, Surat is also known as the "Silk City" of India. Saree enthusiasts would find a heaven of different types of sarees in Surat. There are plenty of fabric and textile industries in Surat, producing excellent quality of fabric for sarees. A plethora of markets are there where you can find a collection of every beautiful type of saree available within your budget. Whether you are a bride-to-be looking for your perfect wedding saree, a tourist searching to take a piece of Indian culture as a souvenir, or a saree enthusiast seeking the latest trendy saree, Surat will not disappoint you in getting what you are looking for. 


Textile Market:

The textile markets in Surat are a crowded hub with so many saree shops, fabric stores, and wholesalers. These markets are a cultural fashion paradise for those looking for a variety of sarees, including silk, chiffon, georgette, and many more. Brides searching for their perfect wedding saree in Surat should visit these markets; you will not come back home without getting your special saree for sure. Also, locals can find their everyday wear in these markets. Here are some top textile markets in Surat you can not miss if you are searching for your unique and charming saree:

  • Ring Road Textile Market:

This market is one of the largest textile markets in Surat. It houses numerous saree shops and showrooms, offering plenty of types of sarees in various styles, from traditional to contemporary.

  • Millennium Textile Market:

This market is famous for wholesale saree shopping. You can buy sarees in bulk for a budget-friendly option. So if bridesmaids want to wear matching sarees to a wedding, they can get gorgeous sarees from here at very reasonable prices. And ladies! You can also do bargaining here.

  • New textile market:

This is the new textile market for both retailers and wholesalers, and you can get a variety of contemporary as well as traditional sarees here.

Many other places to buy sarees in Surat include:

Sahara Darwaja:

This place is another destination for saree shopping in Surat, where you can find beautiful traditional and ethnic sarees. This market is combined with old-world charm and modern trends. You can find Patola, Banarasi, and Bandhani sarees here, each holding the cultural heritage of Gujarat. Sahara Darwaja is a delightful place to buy colorful and intricately patterned sarees. 

Ring road:

If you want to buy a saree that is trendy and in the latest fashion, you should go to this market. This is the place where you can buy all the designer sarees. Plenty of special saree boutiques, shops, and showrooms are there where you can shop sarees with embellishments, sequins, and embroidery. Every style of saree is available in the stores of this market. You would have an extensive shopping experience here. 

Rander road:

Saree shops on Rander Road are a combination of tradition and modernity. Traditional handwoven sarees and contemporary sarees can be found here. Randeer Road is also famous for its competitive prices, attracting budget-conscious shoppers, and not only this, but the shops maintain high quality standards, ensuring that you get value for your money. 

Bombay market:

Bombay Market provides elegance and sophistication; you can not miss visiting this place if you want to explore a collection of designer sarees, including those from top fashion houses. Thus,  sarees bought from here are perfect to add a luxury touch to your look. You can find various fabrics for sarees here, like silk, cotton, chiffon, georgette, and many more. Also, the prices are budget-friendly.

Lal Gate Market:

This market in Surat is especially known for its sarees, zari work, and intricate embroidery work of its sarees. Beautiful craftsmanship can be seen in this market. Explore colors, patterns, and designs, showcasing the artisanal skills of the region. You can find Paithani, Kota Doria, and Gadwal sarees, plus plenty more. A few shops also offer to create a saree that suits your preferences. 

Raghukul market:

Raghukul market is so famous that it is easily accessible to shoppers. It has a variety of sarees, and you can explore a wide range of fabrics here, including silk, chiffon, georgette, crepe, and more. All styles of sarees are available here, and prices are competitive, but as bargaining is a common thing here, be prepared to negotiate for the best deals.

Surat has numerous saree markets, which offer a next-level and extensive shopping experience for saree enthusiasts. From the traditional elegance and beauty of Sahara Darwaja to the contemporary styles of Ring Road, each market has its own unique appeal. Whether you are a local or a tourist, Surat’s saree markets have something for everyone. Thus, next time you are in Surat, don’t miss the chance to explore these markets and discover the timeless beauty of Indian sarees.


 1. What kind of sarees can I find in the textile market of Surat?

The textile market in Surat is known for its wide range of saree types, including silk, chiffon, georgette, bandhani, and many more. Bridal sarees can be found here, and you can also get other options for everyday wear.

2. What makes Sahara Darwaja unique for saree shopping?

Sahara Darwaja is famous for its ethnic and traditional sarees, including Patola, Bandhani, and Banarasi sarees, showcasing unique craftsmanship and the cultural heritage of Gujarat.

3. Are there any trendy and designer saree options available at Ring Road in Surat?

Yes, Ring Road is a main spot for contemporary fashion and designer sarees, perfect for those looking for the latest trends to keep up with the new fashion. 

4. How does Rander Road in Surat cater to shoppers with varying budgets?

The sarees available at Rander Road are contemporary and traditional and are available at competitive prices, making them suitable for budget-conscious shoppers. 

5. What distinguishes Bombay Market as a saree shopping destination in Surat?

Bombay Market has its own beautiful collection of designer sarees, including those from top fashion houses and high-standard brands, making it ideal for those seeking elegance and sophistication in the form of sarees.