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Party Wear sarees under 1500

When it comes to party wear saree it is not just finding the best one for you but picking the saree that is your budget too. That's why we have a whole collection of party wear sarees under 1500, yes that's right just under 1500.

Keep in mind the collection is affordable, not cheap you can expect a good quality product. That looks just like premium wear. 

Because nowadays parties are like every week, this week is a friend's wedding anniversary, then next is another friend's reception party. And you do not want to repeat the same saree in every function.

That's why we have a collection that is within your budget and has a design that your friends could not resist complimenting you.

Fancy Party wear sarees

Saree was and always will be Indian women's fashion wear. According to trends and your preference, the 6-yard fabric continuously evolves to enhance your beauty. Saree could be worn by any woman for any function and they will not let you down.

People hear the word saree and think that aunties could only wear it at traditional functions, but that's not true at all. Saree has now become trendy and can be worn at several functions even at parties.

Today there are so many varieties of sarees available in the market, especially the fancy party wear sarees are amongst the ones that are going to make you a fashion goddess. Weddings and different functions are the best time to showcase your saree collection. 

The majority of women's wedding wear is dominated by sarees. Whenever you go to a wedding you want your saree to look best and therefore buying new sarees for the wedding is now becoming a common trend for each woman.

Because of the high demand, a lot of different brands are coming up with new designs so that you can look perfect when you wear them. As a result, new kinds of sarees are being introduced like fancy party wear sarees and many others.

Heavy designer Party wear Saree

Saree needs to be selected according to the functions. Recently giving parties on a different occasion is becoming more normal in society. People are giving parties for marriages, birthdays, wedding anniversaries and whatnot.

To make your present fill in these functions you require something different, something special like a saree. But not any saree you need to have a Heavy designer Party wear saree. You can get your party wear saree from

We have a team of designers that make sure that work continues on the design of the saree so that you can get what you want. They try to make every saree design unique from the others. So whenever you put that clothing on you just look beautiful and nothing less.

In terms of design in party wear saree, we know the importance of trends, in our collection you will not just find the saree with perfect design and colour but you can also expect the design that is popular in the market at the moment.  

A lot of the time heavy designer saree lack comfort in them. They look lavish and expensive but comfort in them is zero. That's why we use fabrics like georgette, silk, and chiffon so you don't just look good in them but they feel good too. With Sadika's hustle finding the latest party wear saree that looks and feels good too is a convenient process.

Party wear saree for party

At parties, wearing a saree is becomes a trend for a lot of women in India, because famous Bollywood celebrities are wearing them on the red carpet of famous award shows. 

however, you require a saree that not just looks good on you but fits the occasion as well. For example, if you are going to a formal party then your saree should be more subtle with less design. If you are going to welding reception then your saree in a bit of work on them too so that you can syne in that piece.

We have a party wear saree for parties specifically. What does that mean, it means that the saree will be more classy and elegant. So when you wear them to one of these parties you don't look alienated.

Saree for party wear has been influenced by the sarees that are worn by famous celebrities. So if you are looking for a saree that your Favourite celeb has worn this is the category to look for. And we assure you that after wearing them you will also look just like your Favourite celebrity. You can also purchase Wholesale party wear Sarees from us.

Party wear saree for wedding

Weddings in India are notoriously known for being extravagant and amazing. So to match the occasion your attire should also be extravagant and amazing. For women, wedding saree are the best option.

Weddings are the best place to wear sarees because everyone around will be in their best traditional wear and the majority of women would be wearing saree. So if you are a first-timer or your daughter wants to wear a saree then the latest party wear sarees at weddings are a perfect combo.

What you can expect in party wear sarees for a wedding first thing would be bright and exclusive colours, then would be intricate designs and because the wedding is generally long and tiresome so fabrics that are super comfortable would be a perfect choice.

Party wear is the perfect blend of style and beauty that is exactly what you want in wedding attire. When you combine designer blouses and jewellery with a saree you will realise how beautiful you look in sarees.

latest party wear saree new design 2024

Sarees were part of our culture for a long time back and they will stay the same in the future. Compare to the past the saree has evolved but at the core of it is its simplicity that has never cheng. 

That is exactly what is in the latest party wear saree all of the designs are new but the baseline is the same simplicity, and always keep in mind one thing “less is more.” You do not want your saree to be overly designed which makes it very difficult to pair with anything you have in your wardrobe.

In new design collection of 2024 is based on that beautiful simple design with vibrant colours and eye-catching borders. That is a perfect recipe for parties of 2024. 

How to Select the Perfect Saree for Party

There are a few things that women should consider before buying the perfect saree for a party. That starts with the one question is what kind of party you are attending. Because at time function and it's them are very much important.

The location and the weather also play a part in that, by this we are trying to tell you that the fabric of your saree should be picked accordingly. And another thing will be what type of saree you like because at the end of the day saree is going to drape around you so pick a piece keeping that in mind.

However, there are those sarees that go in almost every function and look good on each woman. We have a party wear collection just for that at Sadika. In this collection, sarees have a simple design that makes them fit every situation. 

Tips for selecting the right Saree for Party

If you still are on the fence about which piece to pick for you we have listed out the tips for you that will help you to make the right decision for selecting the perfect saree.

When you pick the right saree that will not just be a piece of clothing but can become part of your body and enhance your beauty in a way that will be difficult for you to accept. if you will wear a simple then that also makes no sense so just keep this tiny detail in mind before any shopping.


The fabric of any clothing is very important and the saree is no different than others. In sarees not just for comfort but also look depend on it.

In terms of comfort, you should pick your saree according to the season, for winter go for something heavy like silk and brocade. While in summer you should choose a bit lighter fabric such as net, chiffon, georgette and so on.

So in terms of look, the type of the body needs to be considered, for curvy women chiffon and georgette are the perfect fabric for them. On the other hand, if you are slim then women should go for something heavier like silk.


We all know colour can either make it or break it. But that is completely different from person to person because few colours look good on some and for others, it does not stand out that much at all.

Yes, should pick the colour that is the best suited for you but the same colour every time is no fun so if you have a party at night for a wedding pick something bright if you are going somewhere like an office or other kinds of event choose darker shades.


How you drape a saree can completely change the way you look. Over the last decade draping of saree has evolved a lot and traditional styles are now replaced by the new way of draping.

There are a few points to remember while selecting a saree like if you want to wear a saree in the open pallu then go for the light fabric saree. And if you want to wear a saree in traditional sidha pallu then go for a heavy designer border saree.


Accessories are also part of your attire and an important part of it. So if you match the right jewellery, shoes and other accessories with the right piece of saree then and then only you can bring out the best of that saree. And one more thing is to keep everything simple. That can really make a substantial difference in the look.

Why Choose Sadika for Party Wear Sarees Collection?

Sadika’s collection of party wear saree is undoubtedly huge once you visit our site you will realize that. We have almost every single type and colour of saree that you are looking for. Whatever you are unable to find somewhere else you are sure to find it in our collection.

When it comes to party wear saree, price is the most important factor in it.  We know as an Indian woman you want to get everything at the right price so at Sadika you will get that we have the best price out there in the market. In addition, we also offer discounts so the price can easily fit into your budget.  



1. Is party wear sarees expensive?

  • Yes, they are expensive and rates could go up to 30,000 to 40,000 and even more but there are other options too, which are less expensive. At Sadika you can buy party wear saree for just under 1500 only.

2. Which sarees fabric is considered to be best for party wear sarees?

  • In terms of looks and price, the silk saree is considered to be top on the list. Silk gives you a feel of that luxurious and premium quality.

3. What are the key features to consider before buying new party wear sarees?

  • There are primarily four things to keep in mind before buying sarees. That are occasion, fabric, colour, and draping style.

4. Is the saree considered to be traditional wear or modern wear?

  • Saree have been part of Indian culture for so long that they are considered more traditional wear. Altho the new style and design are so different from the original used to be in past. But in the end, they are traditional wear.